Letter from Randers, November 2010

At our clubmeeting November, 3rd our club celebrated our 47th years Anniversary – our spouses paticipated in the meeting and a splendid dinner was served. – Also we – quite extraordinary – had the possibility to buy wine for the dinner.
It is a tradition that our regional director is invited to this yearly celebration – this year it was RD Bent Jensen and he entertained us with a funny and inspiring principal speech – you can see him on the attached picture.
Also we had the pleasure that Tanya Vancheva from our common brother-club in Plovdiv, Bulgaria participated in the celebration – you can see her on the other picture among members of our world-outlook-committee.Tanya Vancheva continued from Randers to Slagelse (near Copenhagen), where she was invited to participate in leadership-training arranged by Area Europe and Region Denmark.

毎年周年記念例会には区理事を招待することが慣例になっていて、今期区理事のBent Jensenさんがユーモアあるスピーチで私達を楽しませてくれました。
また、IBCのProvdivクラブからは Tanya Vanchevaさんがブルガリアからお祝いに駆けつけてきてくれました。彼女はヨーロッパエリアとデンマーク区から招待されてリーダーシップトレーニングを受けており、RandersからSlagelse(コペンハーゲン近郊)に滞在しています。